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Le Vian and GODIVA, masters of luxury Chocolate Diamonds and premium chocolate, is set to captivate chocolate lovers and jewelry aficionados everywhere with it's new Valentines collection ..

Chocolate and jewelry are two of the most sought-after expressions of love for Valentine's Day, making the timely launch of the GODIVA x Le Vian collaboration the perfect invitation to indulge in the finer things in life. Three stunning Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds special edition necklaces take the sparkling form of some of GODIVA's most beloved chocolate treats.

Le Vian has captured GODIVA's classic dark chocolate Ganache Heart with a pendant of the same name, with Chocolate Diamonds on a 14K Honey Gold™ chain. The collection's Strawberry and Chocolate Heart is a tribute to GODIVA's Strawberry Crème Tarte Truffle and uses striking passion rubies as well as Chocolate Diamonds and white diamonds on a 14K Strawberry Gold® chain.

The third piece of this special collection, the Truffle Pendant, is inspired by GODIVA's Milk Chocolate Truffle and incorporates Chocolate Diamonds and Nude Diamonds™ with a 14K Honey Gold chain.

The collection also includes a limited number of parures — jewelry pieces with complementary ring sets created especially for the red carpet. Pricing ranges from $1,599.99-1,999.99.

To learn more visit GODIVAxLeVian


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