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Luxury jewellers Boucheron takes inspiration from the French capital for its new high-end jewellery collection 'Paris Vu Du 26'

Frédéric Boucheron was the first among the great contemporary jewelers to open a shop in Place Vendôme, Paris back in 1983, and following an extensive 18 months restoration project the historic Boucheron building pays tribute to the visionary spirit of its founder. From the windows of number 26 Place Vendôme you can view the Eiffel Tower and the stunning city below so it is little wonder that the artisans at Boucheron used this stunning backdrop to create an exclusive collection dedicated to the longstanding relationship between the brand and Paris's architecture.

The new collection which translates to Paris seen from 26V in French comprises of 53 necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings all of which take inspiration from the silhouettes of Paris’s famous buildings. The creations have been divided into three chapters: 'Paris', 'Place Vendôme' and '26V'.

This series re-interprets the many everyday sights of the city, blurring the line between reality and creative fantasy. Take the Verrière for instance that recreates the dome of the city’s iconic Grand Palais in the form of a long necklace that dangles in a tassel of emerald beads, held by a puffed glass dome paved with diamonds on white gold and titanium. It also features matching earrings.

Verriere long necklace set with emeralds beads, paved with diamonds, on white gold, titanium and puffed glass.Necklace in the tradition of the multiwear.

Also included within this chapter is Cheval de l'Opéra - This creation is inspired by the sculptures of horses found on the roof of the opéra Garnier. This perfectly crafted horse is made from almost opaque frosted crystal, while the bracelet is in yellow gold. The Mane is made of Baguette diamonds.

Taking inspiration of the view from the windows of Maison Boucheron was the inspiration behind this pieces created in this chapter.The Pavés De Crystal necklace, for example, mimics the light reflected off cobblestones after rain and is highlighted by a 2.68ct pear diamond that can be detached and made into a statement ring.

The Duo Taille Émaraude, on the other hand serves as a tribute to the emerald-cut, to the Maison Boucheron logo, but also - and especially - to the shape of Place Vendôme, these double signature rings sport a 31.03 carats and a 32.50 carats yellow beryls, which are worn horizontally across two fingers.

The heart and soul of the brand, the 26V series evolves around the very first Boucheron stone the maison has ever created.

A genuine technical feat, this stone is three-dimensional marquetry, combining onyx, rock crystal and white agate. It also evokes, by its depth, a staircase that leads to the heart of 26V.

Like most of the jewelry in the collection, this piece is transformable: you can wear the necklace with only the tassels by detaching the stone, or only the stone by detaching the tassel.

The collection also pays homage to Wladimir the cat who once lived in the Boucheron mansion and, in 1981, even appeared in the Maison’s ad campaign.

The new 'Paris Vu Du 26' collection is available to purchase in-stores or online


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