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Texas based Astro Aerospace an VTOL company named after the 1960's Jetson family has just completed a successful test of its self-flying drone prototype, aptly named Elroy.

Elroy flew at Toronto Markham Airport in Ontario the testing culminated on Wednesday September 19, with a 4 minute and 30 second flight, reaching heights of over 60 feet and speeds of over 50 km/h. The avionics and flight control systems were put to task with a multitude of manoeuvres and the vehicle remained exceptionally stable, even under the affects of a couple of unexpected wind gusts. Due to a predefined wind speed limitation on the SFOC, Elroy was grounded for the remainder of the week.

Elroy is Astro’s 2 passenger, eVTOL (Electric Take Off and Landing) short haul aerial vehicle that has the ability to travel up to 70km/hr for 25 minutes completely emission free, is ideal for urban commutes, and turns a 2 hour trip into 20 minutes.

It’s industry leading Touch Screen Control system, flight control algorithm and avionics software are just a few of the key components that attribute to Elroy’s success.

For more information visit Astro Aerospace


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