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Lilium is as ambitious as any European start-ups comes, founded in 2015 by CEO Daniel Wiegand along with three other founders Dirk Gebser, Meggy Sailer & Dr Remo Gerner it is a German aviation company that has developed a lightweight, electric vertical take-off and landing plane (VTOL) which it hopes will become the air taxi of the future.

Supported by the European Space Agency Lilium this modern thinking two-seater jet is powered by 36 separate jet engines mounted on its 10-meter long wings via 12 movable flaps. Depending on the flight mode, the flaps tilt from a vertical into a horizontal position. At take-off, all flaps are tilted vertical, so that the engines can lift the aircraft straight upwards. Once airborne, the flaps gradually tilt into a horizontal position, leading the aircraft to accelerate and thrust forward.

Earlier this year the Lilium Jet completed its maiden flight and has recently secured $90million in funding to enable it to bring I the product to market. Whilst flying cars sound completely ridiculous, Lilium claims this technology will change the way we travel forever. Its electric battery consumes around 90 percent less energy than drone-style aircraft, enabling the aircraft to achieve a range of 300 kilometres (183 miles) with a maximum cruising speed of 300 kph (183 mph). So leaving the city after a stressful day will soon be transformed into a thrilling ride, by travelling through the air you’ll be able to avoid time-consuming traffic jams, while enjoying a magnificent view on the ground below.


To roll this out project out, Lilium has proposed that a large network of small and inexpensive landing pads and central places placed around cities will enable quick entry to the aircraft at any time thus allowing fast efficient flying .

Once the landing pads have been allocated an app would become readily available so users could just select a landing pad nearby, and your jet would be ready and waiting within minutes. Lilium claims it is working actively with leading mobility service providers to deliver a seamless user experience from booking through to landing.


Air pollution, noise, congestion, and ever-increasing real estate prices are problems most larger cities face. Yet they also offer a range of opportunities: in culture, education, entertainment, and last but not least, jobs. With the Lilium Jet it becomes possible to profit from these benefits without the downsides of either high real estate prices or long travel times.

Lilium claims it will have a massive positive social and environmental impact:

- Will reduce travel times by a factor of 5, so people can live in the countryside and still

work in the city.

- City property prices will increase in affordability, since living close to work is no longer a


- Will reduce the need for a car, which means there will be less transit traffic and less

noise in our cities.

- The Lilium jets have zero operational environmental impact they’re 100% emission


Lilium predicts its first manned flight will take off in 2019 with on demand air transport rolled out to the masses by 2025.

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Article provided courtesy of Luxury Living Magazine - Issue 4


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