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It seems that flying cars are everywhere at the moment and the latest conceptual version to cross our desk is the Slovakian based new AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL a mix between a helicopter and super-car.

Designed as an electric four-seater vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) concept vehicle the flying car also serves as a traditional road vehicle when not in the sky.

Looking long and sleek, the 5.0 VTOL has two electrically driven rotors which are mounted on wings that swing into place. The concept also features a rear-mounted pusher propeller for forward thrust.

AeroMobil says the wings provide “maximum efficiency in flight” while the two rear tails offer enhanced flight control and stability. The concept is also slated to have an adaptive suspension to provide smooth landings and take-offs.

The futuristic styling continues in the interior as the flying car has a relatively stark cockpit with a rectangular steering wheel, wood trim and an assortment of high-tech displays. AeroMobil says each person will have access to a “personalized in-flight experience” as they can use one of the model’s various screens to stay connected with the outside world.

AeroMobil says its flying car will have a 100-mile range and whilst the car has primarily been designed for the flying taxi market, AeroMobil also believe this could be the family car of the future with hopes to roll the model out within the next seven – ten years in line with the reality of building and scaling the infrastructure and regulation for such innovative personal transportation.

Key Features of AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL

1. Vertical take-off and lift assistance motors on the tips of the wings for expanded flight performance and quality

2. Adaptive wings that ensure maximum efficiency in flight, improving safety and maximising electric range

3. Rear extension and control surface for enhanced flight control, stability and in-flight comfort

4. Adaptive suspension geometry for smooth landing and take-off improving occupant comfort

5. Battery package and drivetrain optimisation for fleet use to maximise utilisation in both urban and inter-urban use cases

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Article provided courtesy of Luxury Living Magazine - Issue 5

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