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Luxury Thai interior designers Mepitree Studio unveils its stunning new design project which accentuates contasting masculine and femininity elements ..

Situated in the new luxurious development The Gentry Phatthanakan, Thailand, this spacious home of 680 square meters was designed to reflect the different owners’ personalities, blending identical lifestyles of brother and sister with a sense of harmony.

Spread over 3 Floors and boosting 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and special packing for 5

supercars, the interior project cost approx, 2.7M$ taking just over seven months to complete.

To blend the two contrasting design briefs from both brother and sister the interior design team from Mepitree drew on inspiration from the magical tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Masculine, placid and courageous were reflected in the brother’s personal space. The corridor with a natural stone wall leads to a peaceful master bedroom. Just about to reach the master bedroom, the working room was designed with the cutting angle idea to stimulate the power and creativity of the owner, like a prince who sits in the palace.

Aesthetic and delightful like a Disney princess who lives in a wonderful land is not anexaggerated description when describing the sisters room.

The big arch, the symbol of the castle, stood in front of the hallway that led to the magnificent bedroom with its imposing bed canopy and closet room furnished like a princess dressing room.

To accentuate the contrary, not only the conceptual design a variety of premium materials were used, well known furniture from Baker was used blending seamlessly with the smart home system. Rough and curved surfaces were blended with smooth materials and the use of shade and light was planned thoroughly to create

movement and dynamic, masculinity and feminity and a cozy atmosphere.

Describing the project, Mr. Polakrit Sakanuchaichan, the chief executive officer and project leader said, "It can be said that it is a timeless design for everyone offering a space to release your energy and have fun with friends. We are social animals. Identity, friends,family, and business proposals were considered when we designed this house and we are happy to see our clients being content with their house. The house showed their character and pride and a joy to get up every single morning with happiness.

Images provided courtesy of Mepitree


MEPITREE was established in 2000 with a group of prodigious designers who are infatuated with developing and delivering modern and timeless designs for their valued clients. Offering expert advice, consulting, interior design service, building structures and systems for housing projects, office buildings, condominiums, resorts and hotels Having worked on extensive multi millions dollar projects Mepitree understands the combination between Design and Lifestyle.

For more information visit: or visit their social media pages here: Facebook/Instagram

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