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The Bugatti W16 Mistral has arrived in Asia, following a world tour that began this summer in North America, Europe and the Middle East. On its latest stop, Bugatti’s ultimate roadster landed in the world’s most populous city, and one of the greatest financial hubs on earth: Tokyo..

A vibrant metropolis, known for its cutting-edge technology, rich culture and extensive heritage, Tokyo is a city that seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern. Visitors can at the same time explore temples well over 1,000 years old and gaze at the tallest buildings in the world. The W16 Mistral1 is at home here, drawing upon over a century of Bugatti history and imbued with the very latest automotive design innovations.

Among its first stops in Japan, the W16 Mistral visited the Kanda Myojin Shrine, which is considered one of the oldest temples in Tokyo. Its distinctive architectural style is timeless amongst the modernity of the 21st Century metropolis. Just as in the W16 Mistral, years of tradition collide with the very latest technology in a seamless blend. The W16 Mistral also passed by the Oishi Park, with Mount Fuji in the distance and Lake Kawaguchi in front. Here, in the fading light, the striking rear treatment, highlighted by the X-themed taillight motif, is a shining beacon for the future of Bugatti design.

As it continued to explore the city, the W16 Mistral stopped at the globally acclaimed Gora Kadan. A former retreat of the imperial Family, Gora Kadan is a seamless blend of nature – with its natural hot springs – tradition and luxury, energizing all five senses. In a similar vein, the W16 Mistral – named after a wind that heralds the new seasons in southern France – is shaped by nature; steeped in tradition – including the ‘Dancing Elephant’ sculpture of Rembrandt Bugatti hidden within the gearstick; and designed to thrill.

In 2021 the Bugatti Tokyo showroom was formally opened by official Bugatti partner Sky Group, which has established decades of experience in meeting its customers’ demands and desires through its portfolio of leading luxury brands. The W16 Mistral took center stage at the showroom, and customers were treated to an evening at a globally renowned Michelin-star restaurant nearby.

Kostas Psarris, Regional Director Middle East & Asia at Bugatti, said: “Tokyo and Japan have always been a natural home for Bugatti. Ours is a brand that is guided by our traditions but always driven by the very latest advancements in technology, engineering and design. The W16 Mistral is an ideal showcase of our values, evolving from a long lineage of beautiful Bugatti roadsters, but forever pushing forward with incomparable levels of performance and luxury. It’s a great honor to explore the sights of Japan and share our latest creation with the international clientele of Bugatti Tokyo, many of whom are among the most passionate Bugatti collectors in the world. In fact, the number of Bugatti hyper sports cars delivered in Japan is one of the highest for Bugatti worldwide.”

The exceptionally powerful 1,600 PS W16 quad-turbo Bugatti W16 Mistral is a final roadgoing swansong for the W16 engine. It blends unrivaled Bugatti performances with a timeless design that is both recognizable in its modernity but also in its homage to the brand’s legacy.

Following its visit to Tokyo, W16 Mistral will continue its world tour, heading to the island city-state of Singapore. All 99 examples of W16 Mistral were sold immediately due to extraordinary demand from Bugatti collectors throughout the world. Car customizations will begin this year in Molsheim.


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