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Italian luxury brand BVLGARI has opened an exclusive virtual world on ZEPETO, Asia's biggest metaverse platform the world includes a pop-up store "BVLGARI SUNSET IN JEJU" and provides visitors with online and offline experiences..

The pop-up store and a café, physically located in Parnas Hotel Jeju are virtually created in BVLGARI ZEPETO World so visitors can experience and have fun without visiting the real location. BVLGARI ZEPETO World showcases 2022 BVLGARI Resort Collection inspired by the summer sky with hues of gold and warm apricot in Eden, and visitors can enjoy desserts and beverages at "BVLGARI SUNSET IN JEJU", an epitome of the brand's identity.

In particular, the virtual world has added some fun elements for its users. For instance, when visitors complete a quest, they will receive BVLGARI Resort Collection and signature accessory pieces and dress their avatars. Users can experience the brand by dressing their avatars with iconic B.zero1, Divas' Dream and Serpenti collection pieces.

ZEPETO, a metaverse platform run by Naver Z, has more than 320 million users in the world since its launch in August 2018. 80% of users are teenagers, as such, the platform is cementing its position as a popular playground for global generation Z in the era of metaverse.


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