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Dior Jewellery Collection Evokes the Secrets of Versailles

Luxury French fashion house Dior presents "Dior à Versailles, pièces secretes," its latest high jewelry line celebrating the Versailles Palace, an endless source of inspiration for the French label ever since the first Christian Dior haute couture collection.

The brand has created a new Haute Joaillerie collection titled “Pièces Secrètes” that references the hidden secrets of Versailles, including hidden passages and concealed chambers.

The jewellery toys with the idea of secret compartments and features in their design, which comes in the year of Dior’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

Among the standout pieces in the collection are a pear shaped diamond on a white gold necklace that can be moved to reveal an engraved skull, and a tanzanite pendant that conceals another exquisitely detailed engraving.

As well as being opulently designed, many of the pieces also boast a wide range of colours, with a number of different gemstones featuring.

The collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings and watches in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold, with diamonds, beryls, emeralds, rubies, rubellites, spinels, tanzanites, sapphires and opals


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