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Fed up with travel restriction stopping you from flying and more importantly the sound of the drinks trolley! Well fear not because you can now experience in-flight drinks in the comfort of your own home thanks to "The Skycart"

Designed by the manufacturer who supplies the airlines with certified galley trolleys, "The SkyCart ‘meets all specifications of airline galley carts in service on commercial aircraft – ensuring authentic aviation quality, style, and unparalleled durability’

Offered in a range of styles from the vintage Pan-Am colourway to quirky graphic designs buyers are also offered the option to customize the design to their liking.

On the inside, the cart features 13 runners, which can be customized with a choice of drawers, shelves, trays and wine racks. Not limited to just a drinks trolley "The Skycart" can be used as an exterier fridge, coffee stand and holder, wine rack even a cupcake holder. The possibilities are endless!!

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