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Global sports brand PUMA and international model, actress, and activist Cara Delevingne have co-created Exhale, a new eco-conscious yoga collection ..

When designing the Exhale Collection, PUMA made thoughtful decisions around sustainability by using eco-conscious materials, such as at least 70% recycled polyester, and by fully offsetting any unavoidable emissions.

The collection is made for those who want to make a more mindful space – spiritually, mentally, and environmentally, without losing any performance benefits. It includes a high waist full tight, studio bra, knit cover up, crop top, boyfriend-inspired tee, leotard, and a jogger – all in a neutral color palette.

“Yoga is one of my biggest passions, it has impacted my life in such a positive way. When PUMA approached me about partnering to create a yoga line, I was thrilled. We both are very focused on the environment, that is why it was important to design a collection with minimal impact,” said Cara. “This creates a more meaningful impact on our mind, body, and practice; allowing us space for peace and tranquility to simply exhale.”

PUMA is committed to reducing its environmental impact and live up to its code of being “Forever Better”. That is why Cara decided to partner with PUMA to create a performance collection that would combine two of her biggest passions – yoga and the environment.

To offset any unavoidable emissions, PUMA partnered with First Climate, a leading provider of services relating to carbon neutrality, green energy, and water management to purchase credits toward the construction of small-sized biogas plants for rural energy supply, which is used to replace conventional fuels like firewood or coal.

PUMA and Cara’s yoga Exhale Collection will be available starting February 15th, on, PUMA Stores, and selected retailers worldwide.


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