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To celebrate its 160th anniversary this year, the house of Boucheron, set out to transcend all of the limits of high jewelry-making combing the wonder of nature with modern day science unveiling the Nature Triomphante High Jewellery collection

Using 3D Scanners and real flowers Boucheron set out to immortalize the stunning beauty of flowers in eternal pieces of jewelry. The 80-piece collection presented in three chapters—Naturaliste, Surréaliste, and Alchimiste—reinterpret some of the signature highlights of the maison.

To capture the very essence of the flowers natural beauty, the drawing process of each element was partly replaced by the use of 3D scanning technology in the case of the nine unique models of flower rings each real petals from peonies, anemones, hydrangeas, roses and more, where individually scanned before preserving and mounting them onto the hyper-realistic titanium flower volumes. These creations were then beautifully set, using the house’s expertise, with precious stones such as padparadscha sapphire, spessartite garnet, indicolite tourmaline and jonquil diamond.

The Lierre Givré necklace, for example, is the very detailed restitution of a natural ivy branch. Instead of starting off the creative process with sketches, the jeweller preserved every detail of the plant by scanning the leaves of a branch of ivy, then entwined the digitized version around a model’s neck to get the crown shape. The necklace was then crafted from titanium, before being painstakingly paved with 14,500 diamonds, as well as white cacholong opals that were placed on the tip of each delicately bejeweled leaf.

The centre piece of the collection is the Fleurs Éternelles (eternal flowers), made in collaboration with an artist-petalist, using a secret and innovative technique. The petals are scanned one by one, to capture their volumes at the finest detail. Then each petal is stabilized without pigments or chemicals, and mounted on the flower volume with great care to protect their original beauty.

Another stand out piece from the collection is The Nuage de Fleurs necklace, a cascade of hydrangea petals in mother-of-pearl around a 42.96-carat pink tourmaline.

By bringing together cutting-edge scientific techniques, long-standing expertise and an innovative, creative vision, Boucheron’s “Nature Triomphante” is a pure example of the jewelers heritage and innovation.

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