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Why search for a home in one beautiful location when you can place your abode along the stunning coastlines of the world?

Imagine, there is a yacht that defied expectations. At first glance, one might mistake it for a catamaran, but it is far from ordinary. Concealed beneath its unique structure is a SWATH, which stands for Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull—an innovative hull design that offers unparalleled stability. Wave-induced motion sickness is a thing of the past aboard this vessel. Even in the midst of a storm, the ship glides beneath the waves, granting it an architecturally striking appearance.

Not only does this yacht possess a captivating underwater form, but it also boasts maritime features that are absent on traditional vessels. It houses a forward-facing panoramic lounge, an underwater lounge, and has a remarkable width of 24 meters.

Most notably, it features a ceiling height of 3 meters, giving the interior a spacious and airy feel. The atrium and entrance of the yacht welcomes guests with a ceiling height of over 6.5 meters, creating a grand sense of arrival. The sundeck, spanning over 400 square meters, serves as a party area complete with a pool and a fully certified helipad.

Why search for a home in one beautiful location when you can place your abode along the stunning coastlines of the world? And if desired, why not venture across the vast Atlantic Ocean? This yacht offers the opportunity to do just that. It is a home that can travel, affording its residents the chance to experience breathtaking destinations and explore new horizons.

Named "Scala“ this architectural Ocean Villa Superyacht unites the concepts of land and sea. Its exterior design harmoniously blends elements of maritime aesthetics with those of land architecture. From the outside, Scala appears as a floating piece of art, effortlessly combining form and function.

The journey on this remarkable yacht is not just a means of transportation; it is an experience in itself. Passengers embarked on an adventure, surrounded by luxury and the vastness of the open ocean. Scala is a testament to human ingenuity and the desire to push boundaries. It represented a new way of thinking yacht design, where stability, style, and architectural inspiration coalesced to create a floating sanctuary. As Scala sails across the world’s most beautiful coastlines, it offers its residents an unparalleled sense of freedom. They revels in the ability to anchor wherever their hearts desire, to wake up to new landscapes each day, and to embrace the majesty of the world’s oceans.

For those who look for a home that transcends traditional boundaries, Scala is the epitome of living a life unfettered by limitations—a sanctuary that can call any corner of the globe home.


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