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As restaurateurs continue to seek creative new ways to serve their clientele during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, a first-of-its-kind outdoor dining experience has made its way to the windy city of San Francisco ….

Michelin-starred sushi restaurant Hashiri which is located in the busy Mint Plaza, had initially tried to introduce an outside dining experience during the pandemic, but as the restaurant is near Fifth and Mission streets an area where homeless people often congregate it simply wasn’t feasible so intrigued by restaurants in Amsterdam and Japan which had implemented greenhouse-style 'quarantine greenhouses,’ manager Ken Matsuura decided to test out the concept at his own restaurant by installing three seven foot geodesic domes outside the restaurants entrance.

Often used on roof terraces the three igloos which each cost more than $1,000 also provide insulation from chilly evening weather, brisk winds and occasional flying debris which is great for a restaurant known for its three hour tasting session.

Each igloo can seat up to four for the restaurant’s two-hour five-course omakase menu which costs $200 per person and includes dishes such as; chawanmushi starter topped with sea urchins, a scoop of smoked salmon, a corn and sweet potato soup and eight pieces of nigiri and A5 wagyu beef.

It’s a welcome return to service, as during the pandemic Hashiri had, had to rely on take away boxes which resulted in a relying on takeout bento boxes has led to a 78 percent drop in business.

Bookings for the exclusive dining experience are currently available via pre-booked sessions at 5:00 and 7:30 each night. The restaurant has also erected a series of heavy wine barrels connected by rope to separate the igloos from the rest of the plaza.

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