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Sushi Singularity will create 3D printed food based upon your biometric data ....

The sushi craze has grown rapidly over the past few years primarily because of its many health benefits but Japanese conceptual design studio Open Meals has decided to take this further with the creation of Sushi Singularity a restaurant concept that will use a customer's saliva, faeces and urine to create 3D-printed sushi tailored to their nutritional needs.

To avoid any awkward toilet trips upon arrival to the restaurant, upon booking a reservation the restaurant will send guests a health-test kit. Once sent back to the sushi restaurant, the customer's genome and nutritional status will be analyzed and made into a "Health ID." Using that information, Sushi Singularity builds personalized sushi recipes, optimizing ingredients with the nutrients the diner needs most.

Tasty examples of the Sushi dishes currently being advertised include cell-cultured tuna, honeycomb octopus, steamed strimp and even a squid castle!

The restaurant is due to open in Tokyo in 2020

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