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If you’re looking to show the one you love how special they are and want to go above and beyond the usual box of chocolates, look no further than To’ak’s “Art Series Blend” chocolate.

Labelled as the world’s most expensive chocolate each bar is priced at a cool price of €611.00.

Created using rare cacao beans and aged in a French oak cognac cask for four years to make the luxe chocolate, only 100 bars are made in each edition adding to their exclusivity and price tag. The rarity of the Nacional cacao beans To’ak uses is also a factor: the beans were long thought to be extinct, but the company has been planting cacao trees to repopulate them. Still, its production is limited—so getting your hands on one of these bars is an achievement.

If six hundred euros is a little steep for a bar of chocolate don’t despair To’ak also offer a Rain Harvest version priced from just €250.00 per bar or a mini set from

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