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No jewelry brand has such an illustrious history and connection to the city of New York as the House of Harry Winston.

Legendary jewelers Harry Winston recently unveiled its new fine jewelry collection a star studded event. The New York Collection pays homage to Mr. Winston’s beloved city and consists of eight different sub-collections that celebrate the rich New York roots of Harry Winston; Brownstone, Cathedral, City Lights, Central Park Mosaic, Eagle, 718 Chandelier, 718 Marble Marquetry and 718 Emerald Vitrine.

Respective collections telegraph proprietary nuances in Mr. Winston’s narrative pertinent to New York. The stately architecture of the Brownstones on the Upper West Side, the organic color palette and geometry of Central Park, and the shimmering City Lights of Times Square, all influenced his design aesthetic. We invite you to explore and experience the locations, the intrinsic elements and the energy of New York City.


A tribute to the beautiful brownstones of the Upper West Side where Harry was born. Baguette-cut, round brilliant and marquise shaped diamonds, accented by colorful square-cut gemstones, are artfully arranged in a geometric motif that recalls the stately architecture of Manhattan.


From his atelier at 7 East 51st Street with a commanding vista of St. Patrick’s Cathedral looming through the floor to ceiling windows, the Cathedral Collection mirrors the perfect proportions, extraordinary workmanship and architectural elegance of the impressive neo-gothic structure.


An avid theater buff, Mr. Winston and his beloved wife enjoyed their early life together as a young couple in New York City, often attending society events and Broadway shows. Captivated by the neon pulse of Broadway, the City Lights jewels reimagine the lively lights through colorful diamonds and vivid precious gemstones.


The brilliance of nature in Central Park through the seasons was a palpable source of inspiration for Harry, who was always looking to the beauty of nature. Central Park Mosaic’s earring, bracelets and ring all feature emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and aquamarines set to mimic the extraordinary landscape of the city’s iconic backyard.


The 718 sub-series celebrates the historic charm and elegant details of the House’s iconic New York City Flagship Salon at 718 Fifth Avenue in New York City. As part of the 718 sub-series, the 718 Marble Marquetry – a diamond and sapphire series of necklaces, earrings and rings – draws inspiration from the black and white marble detailing of Harry Winston’s famed atelier.


Railroads always played an important role in Harry’s life, often relying on this mode of transportation in his quest for rare stones. Throughout the early 1900s, cast-iron eagles adorned many New York City buildings, including the original Grand Central Depot.

The Eagle sub-series recalls the majesty of its namesake, with an extraordinary pairing of colorless and fancy yellow diamonds that are masterfully set to mimic a bird in flight, and underscores the House’s promise to its New York ancestry.

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