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200-NFT Limited Edition Collection to Give Fans VIP Access to Ross' "Boss Land" Metaverse and Chance to Visit Legendary Rapper's 'Promise Land' Mega Mansion..

HitPiece, the easiest place to create and buy authentic music artist NFTs, announced a partnership with the GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum superstar, two-time New York Times-Bestselling author, and business magnate entrepreneur Rick Ross. The platform will mint and launch Rick Ross's upcoming Genesis NFT collection, including 200 unique NFTs of The Boss's digital avatars.

Collectors of the NFT will receive VIP access to Rick Ross' world within the Metaverse, named "Boss Land," which is an immersive experience of his Promise Land property with mythical aspects. Alongside exclusive Rick Ross experiences, fans can tour the metaverse property, including a zoo, and even a swimming pool filled with champagne.

Each NFT will come with an exclusive merchandise package including an autographed copy of one of Rick Ross' books. Rarer NFTs will give fans access to a custom velour jumpsuit, a unique apparel item worn by Rick, and a once-a-year Facetime session with Rick. 5 Ultra Rare tokens will grant holders the chance to visit the rap mogul's 235+ acre Promise Land property outside Atlanta, GA and a 1/1 NFT collector will receive a 1/1 a necklace custom made of their avatar.

Rick Ross and other investors, including Pelion Ventures, participated in HitPiece's $5 million Seed round. The funding is being used to develop further the leading music blockchain platform that specializes in collectibles and experiences and help the company pioneer the web3 and metaverse space. Rick Ross has previously engaged with the web3 community, having launched an automotive NFT last year, but this will be his first collection for his fans.

Music executive and industry veteran Rory Felton and serial entrepreneur Jeff Burningham launched the music NFT marketplace in August with a renewed focus on intellectual property rights for artists and a partnership with Audible Magic, the leader in identifying music rights that enable music use by social media platforms, NFT marketplaces, metaverses, and gaming applications. Since then, the platform has grown its creator partnerships to include ATL Jacob, Furnace Fest, Lil Gotit, Matt Ox, Pyrex Whippa and more.

Fans who purchase Rick Ross NFTs can also access The Lounge, the ultimate listening room in the Metaverse. Rick's team including, James Woodward from talent agency Universal Attractions, helped coordinate the partnership as they sought the perfect launch partner for Rick Ross into web3.


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