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Luxury bed specialists Savoir beds who previously brought us the worlds most expensive bed 'The Three Sixty' has recently partnered with leather specialist Bill Amberg to create a pair of exclusive leather beds ...

Christened ‘Sky’ and ‘Ocean’, the beds are a celebration of British craft and innovation, taking inspiration from the idea of the day transitioning from dark into light ; the gentle shift from night into day and from the sleeping into the waking hours.Ocean plays on the idea of swimming from the depths towards the surface at day break, and the refraction of light through water during these early hours.

Wanting to translate these calm and cathartic reflections into watercolours suitable to be applied to a head- and footboard, Bill experimented with a mix of sprays and marbling techniques in the studio. Once happy with the mood of the artworks, he recreated these as full-size paintings, which were scanned 1:1, in preparation for digital printing.

In addition to high-quality leather, the beds also feature a solid brass frame and trim that give is a luxe look of sorts.

Sleep is the ultimate re-generator for the mind, body and spirit so a comfy bed is therefore essential. The new offerings priced at £47,000 (Ocean) and £18,500 (Sky). Available now for sale at


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