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Paying homage to the Italian's Maison's decade long passionate relationship with the silver screen, Cinemagia spotlights the same boundless creativity and visionary of the silver screen..

Color combinations, unprecedented materials and gemstone cuts all come together in the Cinemagia collection, masterfully capturing the ultimate in Bvlgari’s daring creativity. Inspired by the architectural heritage of the Eternal City, Bvlgari has refined, perfected and invented convention-defying techniques for more than a century.

Each creation in Cinemagia expresses the quintessence of Bvlgari’s inimitable Roman flair. The Action! necklace celebrates the invention of celluloid with its undulating design. Matching black-silver zirconium – an entirely new metal in high jewelry – with the eternal gleam of diamonds, Bvlgari has created a must destined for an upcoming red carpet appearance. The Maison’s renowned savoir-faire in precious stones is palpable in the spellbinding shine of the 24-carat octagonal step-cut emerald in the Emerald Affair sautoir.

A trio of deep blue sapphires sit in the heart of the Pirate Treasures necklace, echoing the treasures that lie beneath the ocean. And the Fairy Wingsnecklace embraces the full magic of Bvlgari high jewelry creations with a spectacular gemstone rainbow set amidst a romantic butterfly design, like an infinitely precious realm of pure fantasy.

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