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De Grisogono exudes high-end glamour at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

For a 17th consecutive year on what is arguably the world’s most glamorours and prestigious red carpet runway jeweller de GRISOGONO presented its new Haute Joaillerie creations in technicolour mode.

In tribute to the tradition of cinema, Technicolor™ the process that puts color into film, de GRISOGONO unveiled 5 rings presented in four colour-ways to illustrate the unique and contrsating colours used withi film-making.

RED - Ultra-feminine and Seductive

Ethereal & Volume

Its flamboyant scarlet nature embodies a peaceful feminine takeover, elegantly catching the light and drawing all eyes. It is the unmistakable heroine, the most appealing of all gems. Striking a powerful contrast with pure white, it offers a vivid reminder that the brightest of shades stems from three primary colours: red, green and blue.

Green - Glamorous and Rebellious


A brilliant green infused with contemporary energy, nature’s pigment flaunts its rich and luxuriant hue through a powerful, intense green emerald characterised by extreme purity and transparency. Offering a twist on the black technique used in films to heighten the contrast of the final print, de GRISOGONO enhances this unique creation with its emblematic chiaroscuro effect

Blue - Sensual and Inspirational

A clear blue hue, as infinite as the sky and sea, shines through an oval-cut sapphire. In a resolutely couture-style trio, de GRISOGONO mingles the tender and deep chromatic nuances of sapphire, diamonds and emeralds.

Yellow - Optimistic and Luminous


A universal, deliberate and literal symbol of the sun, yellow blends freely with the chromatic circle – black, grey, navy blue, emerald green, denim blue, bright blue, white, khaki, as well as shades of beige, orange and pink. A yellow diamond reflecting the sun,

igniting everything it touches and radiating a dazzling glory that accentuates the contrast between light and shade.

For more information visit De Grisogono HERE

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