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An exceptionally rare 102.39-carat D Colour flawless oval diamond was recently sold at auction for $15,6 million despite no reserve price listed ....

Sotheby's Hong Kong recently auctioned, one of the earth’s rarest and most coveted wonders – a highly important 102.39-carat D Colour Flawless Oval Diamond.

The 102.39 diamond was cut from a 271-carat rough discovered in the Victor Mine, Ontario, Canada in 2018. Following its discovery, the rough was cut and polished over a year by Diacore, world-leading specialists in sourcing, cutting and polishing extraordinary diamonds, to bring out its best brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Offered without reserve – a first at auction for a lot of this importance and inherent value, the diamond attracted enormous interest and a flurry of bids, taking it quickly from HK$1 to well over HK$100m. The winning bid a whopping HK$121,562,000 / US$15,694,870 came from a private collector in Japan, who, shortly after the sale, renamed the diamond the ‘Maiko Star’, after his second daughter.

This now establishes a family tradition as last year, the same collector purchased another important diamond from Sotheby’s, naming it the ‘Manami Star’, after his eldest daughter.


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