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The new collection centres around three capsule collections each represented by a powerful and confident muse ..

2021 has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone but the acts of bravery, strength and power women all around have shown (especially those home schooling!), inspired Kelly Rowlands second collection with Justfab drawing inspiration from Greek warrior goddesses.

In a personal press release, Kelly wrote. “I grew up watching many amazing women, including my Mama T, who used her creativity to bring her dreams and ideas to life. I was always in awe of her and her creative mind, which seemed to have no bounds. As I got older, I was fortunate enough to travel the world and watch designers realize their dreams through fashion; I was mesmerized by what a magical job this is. Above all, it just looked like so much fun! I always imagined there would be a day where I got to look at a woman across the street and see her feeling beautiful and confident in my designs,” Kelly said.

“This year has been an exercise in strength, and I wanted to be able to share that armor with women everywhere — with you. You have all been warriors, blessing the world with your creativity and showing up with such grace. It was from your stories that this collection was born. You are my muses: the warriors, the creatives, the women who lead with grace. This collection is for you,” she continued.

Kelly decided to channel her inspiration in a very unique way partnering with three women to tell three different stories. Each woman represents a muse, and every shoe is named after a Greek goddess to echo power with each step the first collection revealed in March is represented by Nykhor Paul, a child of the South Sudanese civil war. It comes complete with a darker-colored selection of boots, sandals and heels, along with dresses, blazers and pants. April’s lighter-toned theme is centred in the Greek goddesses of creativity, and its selection of fun heels, sneakers, leather shorts and off-the-shoulder sweaters inspired by model and body love advocate Diana Veras. May’s capsule, featuring sandals, dresses and bodysuits in black, blue and white embodies grace, and is modeled after muse Pritika Swarup.

To view the collection visit:

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