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Lamborghini continues to celebrate its 60th anniversary with The “Opera Unica” Huracán Sterrato the latest and perhaps most dramatic example of the brands ongoing interest in the colour with three different examples of blue: Blu Amnis, Blue Grifo, and Blu Fedra..

Lamborghini’s dedication to design, innovative technology and high performance is well established. But the Italian super sports car manufacturer is constantly exploring the boundaries in another fascinating area: colour. The company recently unveiled the “Opera Unica” Huracán Sterrato, a one-off finished in a unique triple-layer crystal-effect paint specially developed by the ground-breaking Ad Personam department.

The only limit here is arguably the one imposed by the client’s imagination. But how much do we really know about colour itself? For an exclusive new film, Beyond Colour – No Colour Is More Mysterious than Blue, Lamborghini invited world-renowned art historian James Fox to the Italian island of Sardinia, whose famously blue skies and crystal clear waters inspired the paint treatment showcased on the new car. And his insights into humankind’s relationship with colour are extraordinary.

Few people are better qualified to explain how colour sits at the intersection between nature, art and science than James Fox. The 41-year-old is currently Director of Studies in History of Art at Emanuel College, Cambridge, having graduated from the institution himself in 2002. He later won scholarships to both Harvard and Yale, and now combines academia with a thriving career in the broadcast and print media. He has presented no fewer than 12 documentaries on art and culture for the BBC and CNN, and his most recent book is entitled The World According To Colour: A Cultural History. It was published to great acclaim in 2021.

Inside, the seats, door panels and centre console are finished in Blu Delphinus with details in Celeste Phoebe. The result is a car like no other.

Lamborghini has demonstrated the potential of colour as a means of imbuing a machine with personality. For this latest one-off, blue might initially seem like a less flamboyant choice.


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