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Louis Vuitton has unveiled its latest high jewellery collection “Louis Vuitton Spirit”, inspired by mythological creatures..

Imagined by Francesca Amfitheatrof, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton Jewelry and Watches the collection is infused with the power of mythological characters and represents five key values: Radiance, Liberty, Destiny, Fantasy and Grace, qualities of today's modern 'Louis Vuitton' women.

Comprising of 125 pieces, the collection is the largest high jewellery collection ever created by the Maison and stands true to Louis Vuitton’s core ethos: its pioneering spirit, capacity for innovation and constant desire to explore new identities. To create the perfect piece gems were sourced from around the world with sapphires from Sri Lanka, emeralds from Colombia and rubies from Mozambique.

To express all the vitality that drives the sense of adventure in the collection, triangle shapes and Vuitton’s iconic V shape have been used to create unique designs and a high-impact visual language.


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