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The world's largest underwater habitat revealed and it looks just like an underwater space space!

In our ongoing quest of discovery man has looked to the stars when in fact here on Earth there is still 95% of the ocean to still be discovered. Deep space has long captivated our imaginations, but the deep ocean remains one of the most under-explored places known to mankind, it is crazy to think that NASA has thoroughly mapped Mercury, the dwarf planet Ceres, almost all of Venus, and even the Red Planet, some 140 million miles away yet only five percent of our oceans have been mapped.

This is set to change with the help of the non-profit Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center's new underwater research station named Proteus after the Greek ocean god.

Dubbed the "Underwater International Space Station" the facility will be situated 60 feet underwater and span 4,000 square feet.

Yves Behar (left) and Fabien Cousteau (right) are leading the Proteus project. Credit: Fuseproject/Clare Vonderhaar

The brainchild of Fabien Cousteau the grandson of famous ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and designed by Swiss designer Yves Béhar the new underwater research station that will be situated just of the coast of the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao and will house 12 researchers full time enabling them to study the surrounding sea life a month at a time. It will include anything from various lab and research facilities to recreation areas, medical bays and storage areas, to bedrooms, kitchen and dining rooms, it will even have its own underwater garden.

Much like the ISS, Proteus will also serve as an educational purposes, to livestream events taking place under the ocean to help inspire the next generation of ocean explorers ....


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