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Unveiled at New York city’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), metaplace industries showcased ‘ascendance’ – a fireplace made from petrified wood ...

Formed over 22million years ago in the Early Miocene Period, the petrified wood that forms Ascendance is a tropical hardwood in the Dipterocarpaceae family, and was found in West Java in Indonesia.

Instead of using modern technologies, founder Nick Wray has determined to ‘turn the clock back’ to make an object from a substance that’s been formed over millions of years, fusing something inherently happening with a human-made layout. Formed underground through a method called per-mineralization, ‘petrified’ wood describes the fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation. Within the course of centuries, the substance transforms into the rock as minerals replace the tree’s first organic matter. The ‘wood’ however, keeps it is cellular structure, preserving the tree’s look and inspirational metaplace’s vision to create a standalone fireplace from an individual trunk.

Whilst this fossil may be over 22million years old it is still packed with all the mod-con's with wireless remote control and Bluetooth compatibility, it can also be converted to bio-ethanol for indoor use.

This luxury items is being sold via Metaplace Industries who have pledged 2% of any profits will be donated to Direct Relief International, a non-profit that provides humanitarian medical aid in impoverished regions of Indonesia.


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