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Bentley Motors has joined forces with Bomber Ski, in celebration of its centenary to create an indulgent collection of skis that include set plated in 24-karat gold ...

To mark Bentley’s historic 100 years Bentley Motors has partnered with Bomber Ski to create an exclusive limited edition of ski's. On-or off-piste this unique collaboration between two of the world’s leading luxury brands promises an extraordinary introduction to the very finest ski equipment and an entrée into a range of snowscape experiences and après-ski enjoyment around the world.

With a shared passion for creating exceptional products using the finest materials and innovative techniques, the partnership between Bomber and Bentley has resulted in the creation of an outstanding ski: unparalleled in design and exceptional in quality, staying true to both brands’ ethos of combining luxury and performance without compromise with the Centenary Edition ski, adorned with 24-karat gold plated diamond-shape inserts.

Bentley Lead Designer Chris Cooke worked closely with the Bomber teams in New York and Italy to bring the ski design from an initial sketch through to final production over the course of 18 months. The ski went through many rounds of intense testing to ensure absolute excellence on the slopes. The result has exceeded all expectations and the ski will match the needs of the world’s best skiers and amateur enthusiasts alike.

In honour of Bentley’s 100th year, the Limited Edition Centenary Ski takes inspiration from the diamond motifs, textures and patterns found in the EXP 100 GT concept car launched in 2019. With just 100 pairs being made, and featuring 24-karat gold-plated diamond-shape inserts, this ski guarantees its presence will be seen on the slopes.

The Black Diamond Edition ski is finished in gloss black for a dynamic and powerful aesthetic. Again, the distinctive Bentley diamond motif weaves its way across the highly polished ski, seamlessly gliding from a negative to a relief design, adding a textural finish that is rare to find within the ski market. In the Black Diamond edition, the six diamonds are accentuated in a gloss black finish, the sharp surrounding lines are formed using a highly unique pressing process.

Within the boutique Bomber factory in Biella, Italy, each pair of skis takes about 32 hours of handcraftsmanship to ensure the perfect execution. The ski is made from a sandwich construction with a core of wood and fibres, covered by two layers of Titanal. The top layer intricately blends from negative to relief to add further texture and interest which has pushed both teams to innovate with tooling, processes and materials to execute such a detailed design.

The iconic Bentley wings logo lies proudly at the top of the skis with the Bomber Ski marque placed at the tail, both providing not only a visual reminder of this exciting collaboration but furthermore to add extra rigidity for a smoother experience on the slopes. Both are crafted in aluminium to recall the brushed aluminium of Bentley's Continental GT models.

Only 100 pairs of the Centenary Edition skis and 200 pairs of the Black Diamond Edition have been manufactured and are available for sale at BOMBER SKI and through Bomber retailers and distributors. The skis are currently available in one size, 171cm, with additional sizes available January 2020.

Further information about Bomber and Bentley ski experiences as well as an online booking portal is available at:

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