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Hemingway: The Adventurer is its newest chapter by Montegrappa: a tribute to the sights and sounds of Africa made in the same factory that supplied Hemingway himself in 1918...

In a time where people are increasingly measured by 'influence', the enormity of Ernest Hemingway's legacy becomes hard to overstate. Indeed, Hemingway seemed to lead several lives, crafting an image as a master outdoors-man while creating many of the 20th century's most celebrated and enduring works. 

Unmistakably masculine, its hefty, ornamented casing houses a writing instrument built to document the things that matter. APTITUDE FOR ALTITUDE

While many of us have curtailed our airborne lifestyles, hobby fliers continue to thrive in open, uncluttered skies. Aviator and Aviator All-Black Flying Ace are writing instruments from the Montegrappa Professions Series made to offer frequent fliers dynamic writing performance and first-class styling.

Detailed from nose to tail, Aviator is a sure-fire cockpit conversation-starter. 

Aerodynamic lines are found in a bullet-nose, light-body silhouette available in three writing modes.

From the tiny mock-rivets on its aluminium fuselage to a landing-gear clip and vintage flight-goggle case, every detail is an homage to the golden age of aviation. Available in standard and special all-black finishes, soaring writing performance awaits.

Prices start from €3,500.00 for more information visit HERE


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