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Peugeot unveils the e-legend concept car a reinterpretation of one of the 70s model the 504 Coupé ....

Breaking from the current ethos that cars of the future have to be styled in a futuristic manner, the Peugeot E-Legend packs a 'vintage punch' but behind this facade is a vehicle powered by electric, totally clean, with autonomous driving skills level 4 and an artificial intelligence systems.

Powered by an electric propulsion system of 462 horsepower , with two electric motors – one for the front wheels and another for the rears. Capable of returning 370 miles of range the E-Legend has a maximum speed of 220 km reaching 0-62mph taking less than four seconds.

Inside the car takes on a more futuristic appeal the dash is replaced with an enormous, 49-inch display located in the footwell where, drivers can watch films, play games and use social media when the steering wheel 'disappears' and the car has been placed into autonomous mode.

The E-Legend comes with four operational programs two for autonomous guidance (SOFT and SHARP) and two for human management (LEGEND and BOOST).

SOFT: favours the comfort of the occupants. Projection on digital material screens and information display reduced to a minimum,

SHARP: accurate and dynamic vehicle typing. Maximum connection to digital activities possible (social networks, schedule, etc...).

LEGEND: cruising mode with recall of the three 504 Coupé dials and display of digitally-processed wood on the different screens,

BOOST: dynamic and stimulating driving thanks to the powerful electric motor. 180° immersion with projection of the road on a single large screen.

Peugeot have confirmed that the E-Legend will not go into production because the project would require an investment of 250 million euros, and with an estimated production of 20,000 units, each vehicle would cost 80,000 euros , which would be too expensive for the brands target audience.





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