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Well Bavarian modification company Mansory have - unveiling the Bugatti Chiron "Centuria"

Bugatti are building just 500 of the Chiron hypercar one of the most celebrated models in the supercar category yet if that doesn't sound limited edition enough for you and you have a few extra million spare then the new suped up- Mansory Chiron is the car for you. Listed for sale for a whopping $4.7million, Mansory claim the " MANSORY CENTURIA is the dream of the ultimate super sportscar come true" and considering a Bugatti Chiron already costs $2.4million that's some dream!

The 261 MPH, 1,479 BHP hypercar is the world’s first tuned Chiron and has been given a bespoke new carbon fiber aero kit designed for improved performance, larger air inlets, an additional air intake on the bonnet, a re-designed rear diffuser and a new rear wing. Inside the Centuria has been given a refreshed interior in the finest leather, with premium carbon fiber applications complete with Mansory and “Centuria” embroidered branding. The standout feature, however, is an all-new ergonomically designed airbag steering wheel with optimal grip.


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