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Million Dollar has been lauded as the first Real Estate Company in the Metaverse with a concept of NFT Collection, such as male brokers, female brokers, plotlands, and other properties..

The platform built on the Ethereum blockchain aims to keep communities expanding, allowing users to become property owners - buying and selling lands to generate income.

How It Works

The NFT collections on Million Dollar include - Brokers, Properties, and Lands. The Broker is a male character with over 350 unique traits. Each attribute is categorized as either Smart-Casual, Formal, or Elegant. These categories determine the exclusive packages the Broker can access.

NFTs, meaning Non-Fungible Tokens, is a concept that gets people together. From arts to music to exclusive content and to VIP events, the NFT ecosystem brings so much to users. Metaverse allows users to engage in real-life activities in virtual reality (VR). You can own clothes, buy shoes, and even own land. And this has enabled projects to transform from NFTs into the Metaverse. One such project that has transformed is the Million Dollar Metaverse - the first real estate company in the Metaverse.


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