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At the threshold of a new decade, it's time for substance and truth to reclaim the high ground. Answering the call is the new montegrappa ZERO – a study in poise, personality and perfect geometry. Discover the next chapter in the evolution of prestige writing...

Precision engineering, muscular presence and sartorial pedigree define the starting point for a new generation of writing instruments. Made in the same location where Italy's modern writing era began, the Montegrappa ZERO is the culmination of a journey that began more than a century ago.

Contrasting metal finishes recall prestige timepiece casings – an influence underlined by the pioneering use of a sapphire glass crown. The ZERO's bold metal hardware is crafted from Br8 bronze: a longlasting, hypoallergenic alloy that adds gravitas and balance. An all-new clip design uses diamond-cut brass made to withstand more than 20,000 actions. The ZERO's crisp pocket presence is the result of advanced CNC machining, refined with hand-polished chamfers that add volume to its modern, satinbrushed profile. 

But versatility is its greatest claim to fame. Made in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint modes, ZERO is the first writing instrument created specifically for Montegrappa Configurator – the world's only pen customization platform. Select from a palette of twenty Pantone shades, expressive Montegrappite textures and deluxe metal finishes to turn ZERO into your own piece of modern art. 

Create your own ZERO Custom to show your colours, match your outfit or accentuate your favourite timepiece. The possibilities are limitless. Just like a blank page, ZERO is a story waiting to be told.


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