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Luxury marque brand Aston Martin have announced an exciting new collaboration with fellow British brand Brough Superior to create a strictly limited edition motorcycle ...

Like Aston Martin, Brough Superior is a brand that comes with great heritage, the eponymous performance motorcycle brand created by George Brough in 1919 and resurrected by enthusiasts long after his death. Both masters of craftsmanship who use the finest materials to breathe life into their designs as independent companies they also revel in their ability to offer bespoke design and engineering solutions so a collaboration between the two brands is virtually guaranteed to produce something very special.  This is the first time the Aston Martin’s badge will appear on a motorcycle and is the combined vision of Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman and Brough Superior CEO Thierry Henriette, who are both motorcycle enthusiasts. Reichman said: “This is a fascinating and very popular project for myself and my team. The opportunity to collaborate with Brough Superior has given us the chance to bring our own unique views on how beauty and engineering can combine to create a highly emotive piece of vehicle design. We’re excited about the end result and can’t wait to see the reaction the motorcycle receives when it is revealed next year.” Henriette commented: “Aston Martin and Brough Superior are two luxury automotive manufacturers sharing the same passion for exclusive design and performance, the idea of developing a motorcycle in a frame of a close partnership came naturally.” Details on the British brands’ collaborative project remain a firm secret but he new motorcycle will be revealed at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan on 5 November 2019


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