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We all know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk likes to talk on Twitter but when one of his followers a Model 3 owner came up with a suggestion that the automaker should release a ‘dog mode’ to keep your puppies safe and cool inside Tesla vehicles Elon agreed.

The “Dog Mode” which will soon be available with the Model S and the Model X of Tesla. has been designed to keep the pets in the vehicle safe and calm when the owners leave them inside. The system allows the owners to keep the AC running and maintain the temperature of the cabin at a comfortable level. The infotainment screen on the dash will displays a message for onlookers saying “My owner will be back soon”.

Being an electric vehicle, keeping the climate control on inside a Tesla vehicle in a parked car will be much more efficient than regular cars with Internal Combustion Engines(ICE).

The EVs can supply power to particular equipment while in an ICE-powered vehicle, the engine has to be on, which consumes a lot of fuel and which is why most car owners turn off their cars while leaving pets or kids inside them. The Tesla Model 3 will automatically send a notification to the owner’s phone when the battery of the vehicle reaches below 20 per cent. It is not known what the Model 3 will do if the owner does not respond to the notifications and the battery level keeps on going down.


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