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Scents Inspired by the World’s Most Captivating Destinations..

One&Only the ultra-luxury resort brand located in the world’s most exceptional destinations, has revealed a collection of exclusive fragrances developed by perfume house, Montroi. The collaboration blends Montroi’s sensuous storytelling and exploratory spirit with One&Only’s commitment to creating exceptional experiences around the world. The journey of the exquisite scents began over two years, each one handcrafted by artisans in Grasse in the south of France and encapsulating the essence of a One&Only Resort, from the wilds of Rwanda to the sun-kissed shores of the Maldives.

Driven by a commitment to craftsmanship, authenticity and attention to detail, Montroi’s artisans have captured the essence of each scintillating location with a carefully considered blend of ingredients. Bergamot, sweet jasmine and musky sandalwood combine to bring to life the ambiance of One&Only The Palm in Dubai; the coastal location of One&Only Palmilla is evoked with crisp notes of lemon, blackcurrant and pine with heart notes of sweet peach and musky, amber undertones; and a heady cocktail of pepper, vetiver and musk evokes the verdant jungles of Rwanda and One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. Every element has been individually selected to craft a scent that celebrates each One&Only destination

The 15 signature scents capture the magic of holiday travel and are the perfect gift or keepsake. Wrapped in sustainable packaging, each features hand-sketched artwork inspired by the resort. The fragrances are available in 100ml bottles for $180 each, or an Experience Set including 10ml of all 15 scents is $500.

The collection will be available to purchase from 1 December at One&Only Resorts and anywhere in the world from The exclusive scents can also be pre-ordered by visiting One&Only and Montroi’s websites.

Fragrance Notes

Al Sama – One&Only Za’abeel With notes of saffron, musk and vanilla, a spray of One&Only Za’abeel’s Al Sama on your pulse points evokes an Arabian oasis of spice and sweetness, ripe with rose and caramel.

Arabian Hideaway – One&Only The Palm

Arabian Hideaway is an alluring aroma inspired by One&Only The Palm and the seductive tradition of oriental scents, bringing together bergamot, sweet jasmine and musky sandalwood. Castaway – One&Only Reethi Rah Taking cues from One&Only Reethi Rah and the tranquil Maldives, Castaway seduces the senses with citrus top notes and heart notes of cedarwood, underpinned by amber and patchouli. Coastal Rainforest – One&Only Mandarina Inspired by Mexico’s lush tropical landscape and sparkling waves, crisp marine top notes and mint heart notes linger longer with this refreshing signature fragrance for One&Only Mandarina. Far & Away – One&Only Cape Town Inspired by the waterfront and Protea flowers, our signature Far & Away scent lets One&Only Cape Town linger in the memory, featuring an alluring medley of grapefruit, sandalwood and vetiver. Meltemi – One&Only Kéa Island A unique scent blending rosewood with nutmeg, sage, cedar and patchouli, Meltemi spirits you to One&Only Kéa Island, conjuring up sea air, cypress trees and the Cycladic sun.

Mimosa Breeze – One&Only Portonovi Tea and antique wood are infused with heart notes of rhubarb and rose in our seductive Mimosa Breeze fragrance for One&Only Portonovi. Perfect for a gift or Montenegrin memento. Oriental Garden – One&Only Royal Mirage Conjuring desert riches and luscious date palms, One&Only Royal Mirage’s Oriental Garden is an exhilarating mix of woody, earthy suede notes with oud and amber, balanced with leathery cypriol.

Pacific Salt – One&Only Palmilla

Balancing crisp top notes of lemon, blackcurrant and pine with heart notes of sweet peach and musky, amber undertones, Pacific Salt pays tribute to Mexico’s azure-and-gold coast and One&Only Palmilla.

Riviera Nostos – One&Only Aesthesis Memories come alive with Riviera Nostos, a fragrance for One&Only Aesthesis inspired by the magical Athenian Riviera, starring a blend of leather and amber, with birch.

Rugged Outback – Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Evoking Australia’s tranquil Greater Blue Mountains, Rugged Outback is imbued with musky base notes, heart notes of cardamom and peony, and zingy green notes of crisp, clean lemon.

Sunrise in Rwanda - One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

A heady cocktail of pepper, vetiver and musk base notes, Sunrise in Rwanda evokes the verdant jungles of One&Only Gorilla’s Nest. Incense and patchouli add depth.

Swaying Palms – One&Only Le Saint Géran Montroi has bottled One&Only Le Saint Géran into Swaying Palms, a fragrance that channels this iconic Mauritian beach paradise with spicy sandalwood, heart notes of jasmine and top notes of sweet mandarin.

Tropical Sanctuary – One&Only Desaru Coast Channelling One&Only Desaru Coast’s golden beaches, coconuts and shimmering salt waters, Tropical Sanctuary is a Malaysian fusion of green top notes, spice and sea, musk and sweet tonka bean. Wild - One&Only Nyungwe House One&Only Nyungwe House’s green valleys and lush Rwandan rainforest are artfully captured in this refreshing combination of davana and green fig with licorice, peach, vetiver and cedar.


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