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Diageo’s iconic “ghost” distillery returns after 40 years, re-envisioned to push the boundaries of whisky experimentation..

In a landmark moment for Scotch whisky, Port Ellen Distillery, on the world-famous whisky island of Islay, reopened today with a bold vision to be a trailblazing light for the future of whisky distillation.

Perhaps the most legendary of all the so-called “ghost” distilleries that closed in Scotland more than 40 years ago, the rebirth of Port Ellen has been eagerly anticipated across the global whisky community. Port Ellen represents the final chapter in the £185 million investment by parent company Diageo, which has also seen the reopening of the other famous “ghost” distillery Brora, as well as investment in the company’s Scotch whisky visitor experiences.

Drawing on Port Ellen’s extraordinary heritage as one of the most pioneering distilleries of the 19th Century, the new distillery has been designed from the ground up to push the boundaries of innovation, experimentation and sustainability.

The striking new distillery building features ultra-modern design with an unobstructed line of sight through the glass stillhouse to the stunning coastline of Islay, across the bay to Carraig Fhada lighthouse.

At the heart of the distillery are two pairs of copper stills. The first pair - The Phoenix Stills - are precise replicas of the original Port Ellen stills and will distil the classic smoky liquid that has made Port Ellen single malt one of the most highly sought after whiskies in the world. The second pair – The Experimental Stills – will take the art and science of whisky exploration to levels of precision never before seen in Scotch whisky distillation.

As part of the re-opening Dieago has released  a new special release to celebrate the rebirth of the trailblazing Islay distillery, is available to purchase. Presented in spectacular crystal decanters, Port Ellen Gemini presents twin 44-Year-Old Scotch Whiskies.

The whisky used to create Port Ellen Gemini, was drawn from three European oak casks distilled in 1978, which were specifically selected long ago for this new experiment - before being split into two whiskies which took diverging paths of maturation.

Limited to 274 sets, Port Ellen Gemini, will be available from select specialist retailers in March for a RRP of £45,000.


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