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Take a deep breath and step onto the warm sand of a private, tropical island, surrounded by lush gardens, colourful wildlife, fragrant flowers and warm breezes. Walk among 100-year-old coconut palms and listen to the songs of tropical birds and the whisper of wind through heliconia leaves, as the worries and cares of everyday life slip away....

Bula! and welcome to Mai Island, a 32-acre escape with freehold ownership, located off the coast of Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu previously known as Sandalwood Island. Serene, yet conveniently located, Mai Island is a short helicopter or seaplane trip – or a leisurely boat ride – from the airport in Labasa, which connects passengers from Fiji’s two main airports. Deepwater anchorage for yachts is found on the northeast side of the island, and those preferring to travel by private vessel can be tendered directly onto the nearly quarter-mile of beach on the island’s southwest coast.

Infused with the history of Fiji, the island also boasts an archaeological site more than 300 years old: the foundation of a chieftain’s home, which was surrounded by a hand-dug valley and wall to protect the important residence. Once the home site was cleared, a path to a freshwater spring was discovered; this path ends in a 6-ft by 4-ft bath chiselled into the stone, filled by the spring above and seated amongst all this beauty is a charming 1-bedroom, 1-bath cottage only 750square feet in size but who said size matters! Mahogany trees dot the landscape and provide beauty and shade, as well as material from which to build a new, elegant villa (or bure in Fijian), if desired.

Mai Island is filled with natural delights, from a charming waterfall to a coral reef surrounding the island that offers excellent snookering. A naturally sparkling spring delivers pure, clean water, and two wells tap into a freshwater lake that runs from the island to the mainland.

Mai Island is also remarkably self-sustaining and is planted with hundreds of fruit trees, including coconut, avocado, starfruit and exotic chocolate persimmons. This fruit, in addition to the bounty of the South Pacific Ocean and availability of local vegetables, ensure ingredients for every meal are available without ever leaving the island.

Previously offered for $4.2million this idyllic island is now being auctioned without auction on July 25th through Platinum Luxury Auctions. Only 8% of all land in Fiji offers freehold ownership, so this is a rare opportunity and considered the most secure form of ownership that also allows for the outright purchase of property by individuals residing outside of Fiji.


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