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Boatmaker Reina Yachts unveils five striking new houseyachts with multiple functionality and plenty of luxury amenities..

Floating houses are not a new thing but newcomers to the luxury boat market Reina Yachts has unveiled a new twist to these floating abodes with its two-storey waterfront condo's.

Founded by Hayri Dayi and Emin Günal the houseboats were born from the idea to blend a traditional houseboat, yacht and catamaran into one to create a stylish vessel that will serve both as a yacht and a luxury home on the water.

Constructed in Turkey the new collection includes five models ranging in size from 26ft, 34ft, 44ft and 60ft models with each model featuring a fresh, upscale look with high-quality furniture and appliances and smart home technology.

Each powered by Mercury outboard engines. In addition, Reina offers lithium-ion phosphate batteries as an alternative power source, eliminating the need to run a generator in order to further reduce emissions and promote sustainability.

The first model, the Reina Live 44 DR scheduled to arrive in Miami in September 2023.

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