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Luxury jewellery brand Chaumet pays homage to the beauty of the Siberian winter with the release of a new 11-piece jewellery collection "Les Mondes de Chaumet"

In an homage to Russia, the Promenades Impériales pieces try to capture the beauty of Siberian winters, with snow-covered peaks emulated by ice crystals. Pieces include a transformable necklace, earrings, rings and a bracelet - all honouring the prestigious legacies of Russia's imperial court and decorative Russian motifs.

According to the press release, "The infinite vastness of the snow-covered steppe meets the infinite smallness of ice crystals. All is still, except for the sky, whose colours illuminate the snow and the bark of white birches: the limpid blue of Ceylan sapphires echoes the pure sharp azure of the day, while the orangey-pink of Padparadscha sapphires evokes dawn or dusk." Experience the magic of the Parure Russie collection at Chaumet. Learn more here. 

Referencing the unique colours and delicate textures of Siberia's coldest season, these elegant pieces combine natural world aesthetics with Chaumet's trademark flair.

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