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Every now and then, a once-popular product from the past that almost disappeared makes a strong comeback and becomes an investment opportunity - think vinyl's, comics, children's tin toys and the lesser known Silver "Strikes."

For those of you who don't know about them, Silver Strikes are limited-edition minted coins of 0.999% pure silver won from slot machines across the USA placed within a protective plastic holder. Some call them "Silver Premium Tokens", but most  call them "Silver Strikes". 

​Made of 1 troy Pound (12 ounces) of pure .999 fine Silver, the $200 strikes are a coin of 8.92 cm diameter size with some finished with  24K Heavy Gold Electroplating, or for the newer RWM mint strikes may have laser colorization. 

Sadly today $200 strikes have been removed from play,  but as inflation and the economy continues to fluctuate, some consumers look to the steadfast value of precious metals like gold and silver as an investment for the future and what could be better than a silver Strikes collection?

Offered for sale is this unique collection of 136 Silver "Strikes" acquired over a period of 23 years the collection consists of a rare 3x Masterpiece Strikes, 4x Variation Strikes, 1x Prototype Strike, 18 Strikes with the limited 00001 serial engraving and 110 different $200 strikes

1 x Masterpiece minted in only 3 copies in the World

(This is the only one copy known by collectors - The 2 other copies remain unlocalised and “may” have been melted)

2 x Masterpieces each minted in only 4 x copies in the world

18 x Strikes with 0001 serial engraving on the edge

1 x Eldorado Prototype Strike

(This is the only prototype version of this Eldorado Strike known by collectors)

All 136 strikes are different + pictures of the whole collection can be viewed here. So whether you are a collector of casino memorabilia or precious coins this collection regarded as one of the largest and rarest $200 Silver strike coin collections in the world would be a collectors dream

Offered for sale via a private collector: PRICE ON REQUEST

For more information:

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