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A timeless elegance, out of demographic boundaries, within the purest aesthetics of beauty a classically minimal form of elegance, which distances itself from the clamour, but rather resolutely seeks the perfect balance of the simplest forms ....

The search for a timeless elegance, out of demographic boundaries, within the purest aesthetics of beauty. Thus Fontana Couture Milano unveils the Pre Spring 2021 Collection. Soft, slightly pastel colours that wink to the warmer tones of the summer season. Natural colour combinations are characterized by shades of white, beige, blanc cassé, tan, cream, until they delicately touch the powder hues of blue and pink and open up to audacious forays into black and white graphism.

Reasoned constructions, reduced to the minimum terms, reveal the typical virtuosity of the highest tailoring techniques. Unlined couture jackets in featherweight wool crepe, maxi shirts in printed silk twill with references to eighteenth-century floral tapestries.

Pleated skirts in broderie anglaise combined with tops with spiked volumes. Plissé in vanisé viscose and silk knit or shantung magnify the generity of fluid volumes. Rigor and poise. Even for the most flamboyant poplin shirts with large volants or the sack dresses characterized by small ruffles and applied embroideries, moderation is the password.

Everything is studied and weighed. Garments add up or come apart, creating a wardrobe with a perfect balance.

Highly tailored vest jackets in macramé lace worn as second-skin on pleated trousers. Maxi t-shirts in printed silk become the new summer passepartout.

A collection rich in details and patterns in which jacquard, prints and textures mix with harmony and renewed lightness. Dressing-gown like coats in double face fabric and suede trimming, boxy jackets in woven straw effect texture or even pajama jackets with piping in contrasting colours enrich the whole offer.

The world of prints, which has always been the Maison's stylistic code, defines the Spring collection proposal. Creamy backgrounds leave room for delicate leaf patterns to match in harmony with playful kittens impressed on lush foliage and maxi flowers. Large jacquard cardigans match small t-shirts creating the perfect new twin set.

Out of trends, far from fashions, through this springtime story the Fontana Couture Milano brand establishes its innovative spirit and strong partnership with the Italian craftsmanship.


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