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Mickey Mouse is known all over the globe, connecting all generations, spreading laughter, optimism and hope. Forever young, Mickey celebrates his 90th anniversary this year and Swatch pays him a special tribute with two Art Special watches created by Damien Hirst.

Two limited and numbered Swatch Art Specials have been designed by the British

artist. Exclusively available for just 24 hours on on the 18th of November, Mickey’s actual anniversary, and limited to 1.999 pieces, SPOT MICKEY features the popular mouse on its dial and is framed with his signature colours on the bracelet.

MIRROR SPOT MICKEY, limited to 19.999 pieces, plays with larger spots, and portrays the little big star against a mirrored background on the bracelet and the dial.

There is even more to discover on the reverse of both watches: the signature of one of the most important artists of our time, wishing happy birthday to the True Original, with us since 1928.

Priced at $185 and $125 USD, the Damien Hirst x Swatch Spot Mickey and Mirror Spot Mickey is available online and in-store now.


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