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Luxury jewellerys Tiffany & Co has unveiled it’s most expensive piece of high jewellery ever created...

The World’s Fair Necklace, which was recently unveiled in Dubai comprises a staggering 180 carats which at its core sits the breathtaking 80-carat diamond “Empire Diamond ,” a D color and internally flawless diamond, Tiffany’s largest diamond acquisition since obtaining the exquisite 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond back in 1878

Unlike the legendary Tiffany Diamond, which is famously not for sale, this exquisite stone sourced from Botswana, Africa, symbolizes the brand’s industry-first approach to traceability, making it not only a rare jewel, but also a responsible one.

The Empire Diamond can be mounted onto a ring

Stringing together the past and present The World’s Fair Necklace pays homage to the Tiffany necklace that was made for the World’s Fair in 1939 which was originally set with an aquamarine stone weighing in excess of 200 carats as well as 429 diamonds.

By contrast, today’s version features a total of 578 diamonds, including the Empire Diamond, along with 353 round brilliant stones and 224 custom-cut baguettes.

The reimagined piece , which was two years in the making has been designed to be a versatile piece, worn either as a necklace or a ring.


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