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Coperni have unveiled a limited edition bag made entirely from a meteorite that fell to earth 55,000 years ago..

The Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag, described by the two creative directors as "a lunar fossil that fell to earth 55,000 years ago, found in France in 1968 and carved in 2023" could have been the must have accessory in the Stone Age and now it's making a comeback. They do say fashion goes round in circles!

Priced at an astonishing $42,000 this unique collector's item combines both archaeology and design with each bag handmade to order resulting in a six week waiting period for each bag.

Whatsmore, no two bags are the same as each bag uses a different meteorite extract depending on the style, but be warned you'll need arms of steel to carry this bag around as it weigh around 2 kg (without anything inside).


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