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The Senturion S177 Key is the most unique collectors’ item in the world. Made from a 4 billions year old meteorite this diamond studded bracelet also doubles up as a electronic supercar key.

Created by British luxury gadget makers the diamond encrusted bracelet / key fob named after the number of pieces it is made from, the S177 Collection has a carbon composite core and is constructed using solid titanium. Designed to work with only the most luxurious of motor vehicles; namely Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Bentley's, Mclaren's, Rolls Royce's, Bugatti's & Aston Martin's this limited piece of jewelry / car accessory is only for those with very deep pockets.

Priced at a whopping £200,000 , the S177 is created by expert engineers at Senturion who integrate the existing encrypted security system of your vehicle into the custom Senturion Key so that it will be fully compatible with your supercar the moment it arrives.

Adding to the original Senturion design, this latest model also includes a sapphire window showcasing the intricate mechanics of the highly technical design. An easy-secure fitted clasp is billed as achieving a higher level of security than any other standard wristwatch while remaining totally unobtrusive to water, meanwhile its two-stage locking mechanism reduces fastening time and provides additional security.

Senturion S177 Collection. Viewing by appointment only at the Senturion Showroom, 9 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DW;


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