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Dominator Yachts launches Mini-iLumen featuring renowned Ilumen features in a mini-format ....

The all-new tender comes with the distinctive and appreciated Ilumen features in a mini-format, being innovative, bold and truly Dominator-bespoke.

First released in Robb Report’s 2020 Ultimate Gift Guide last week, the “Mini-Ilumen” is the perfect luxury gift for the upcoming festive season, to be delivered right in time for summer 2021. It will offer certain innovative Ilumen elements like comfort and lighter weight than mass-market tenders in the same size range, but also a High Performance Hull (HPH) which is designed to have great resistance value and low fuel consumption.

Every tender of the “Mini-Ilumen” series is an owner’s first step into Dominator’s bespoke experience: a unique day cruiser for Island hopping, a sexy tender for the existing yacht or a luxury shuttle for Resorts and Marinas: true to Dominator’s boutique approach, every tender will perfectly fit the taste and requirements of the very individual owner.

From idea to sketch overnight: being a boutique Builder, Dominator Yachts combines young, agile and innovative traits with longstanding experience in yacht building to implement tailor-made wishes that cannot be found anywhere “off the rack”. It all started during warm summer nights, Mediterranean Sea breezes, sparkling rosé champagne and creative ideas. “’Why don't you build tenders in the same bespoke style as the Dominator Ilumen range?’, an experienced yachtie and Dominator Ilumen owner asked on his Dominator flybridge”, remembers Angela Pernsteiner (Managing Partner, Dominator Yachts). “A standard commercial tender off the shelf doesn’t suit the Ilumen philosophy to arrive in style to my Dominator”, he clearly stated. And the idea was born.

A creative, fast and flexible process of transforming ideas into projects is only possible in a “boutique framework” lead by a “doers mentality” as opposed to big serial builders, this is exactly what makes Dominator Yachts different. “We don’t want to be big, we just want to be the most unique and creative brand” in the industry. With its bold, sleek design, an unusual wraparound windshield and an open stern it is expected to run 46kn top speed. On the other hand, the day cruiser will achieve a range of almost 300 nm with a cruise speed of 25kn.

The Ilumen tender series concept is composed of different sizes ranging from 6M length to serve different scenarios from tenders in bigger yachts, up to chase boats, luxury shuttles and day cruisers. The tender series will also be an entry-level product into the world of the bespoke Dominator Ilumen philosophy to non- or soon-to-be yacht owners.

True to the Ilumen philosophy, the Ilumen tender series will be built of a high-tech composite construction with a megayacht insulation plan to ensure an enhanced level of comfort, both in thermal and acoustic insulation. The sandwich GRP system allows 30% more acoustic and thermal insulation and less weight compared to the traditional construction methods offered on the market.

Every inch of a Dominator Ilumen Tender will be designed and naval-architected to have the best resistance values possible thanks to the Ilumen High Performance Hull, a particular hard-chine hull. Additionally, every owner can dive into the Ilumen’s bespoke philosophy: with the possibility of full customization every owner will get his or her unique tender built around the very own personality, wishes and requirements.

Depending on the size of the tender, the engines are 2x VOLVO PENTA V8-300CDPS (petrol) or 2x VOLVO PENTA D4-300DPS (diesel) both with sterndrive AQUAMATIC propulsion. Even the smallest size of the Ilumen tender series will be equipped with a Seakeeper, which is very uncommon and special. There is an option for a hybrid propulsion system, which will allow the owner to enter national parks and wildlife, conservation areas with a completely silent electrical engine.

The price tag of the “Mini-Ilumen” starts at 300.000,00 EUR for the smallest version. According to Dominator Yachts’ credo “Impossible is nothing”, no owner’s wish will be too complicated to realize for the bespoke team.

For everyone who always wanted to take a first step towards a high-quality, fully customized and not off-the-rack day cruiser or ultra-luxurious tender, the new Dominator “Mini-Ilumen” Tender is the perfect opportunity. At the same time, the professional and experienced mentality of the Austro-Italian Builder guarantees a well-guided approach through the journey of building a custom boat. This unique, sleek and sexy day cruiser is created for everyone who wants to reach his yacht or destination of choice in true style.

With turning heads guaranteed. This can be the first step into Dominator’s bespoke journey.

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