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Acclaimed Milan-based yacht design studio, Officina Armare, have recently unveiled a new incredible superboat concept dubbed the ultimate day cruiser, inspired by Lamborghini.

Titled A43, Lamborghini Edition this stunning boat like any Lamborghini simply takes your breath away thanks to its bold and aggressive lines and stunning two-colour paint theme of matte jet black and eye-catching canary yellow.

Made with an an ultra light carbon fiber body the A43 is powered by two Mercury engines with a power output of 540 hp each meaning it can hit a top-speed of more than 80 knots with an impressive cruising speed of 50 knots.

Among the features of the A43 are: side bow thrusts in the bow, redirecting air flow tunnels, providing aerodynamic lifting force and air intakes for cooling motors in a carbon fiber housing. On board there is a comfortable lounge seating area which can be used as a sunbathing area a champagne compartment that allows you to keep your champagne bottle cool, sofa seating for 4, toilet, sink and bathroom with shower so you can easily transition from day cruising to night.

Officina Armare have not yet confirmed if this stunning boat will go into production but if these images are anything to go by, we surely hope it does..


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