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Eagle Rare 25 is the oldest expression released from the Eagle Rare portfolio and the first-ever innovation to come from the Distillery's experimental Warehouse P..

Buffalo Trace Distillery has announced the release of Eagle Rare 25, an ultra-aged bourbon that exemplifies the Distillery's relentless commitment to innovation and honoring tradition but embracing change. At 25 years old, Eagle Rare 25 marks the oldest expression released from the Eagle Rare portfolio. Defying existing perception of ultra-aged bourbon with its smooth, complex flavor profile, Eagle Rare 25 is a remarkable result from the World's Most Award-winning Distillery's multi-decade and $20-million-dollar-plus experimental program.

Driven by a belief that the world's best whiskey has yet to be created and the idea that the category is bound only by the ideas that have yet to be considered, Buffalo Trace Distillery has conducted thousands of experiments over the years to test a variety of factors impacting the aging and maturation of whiskey, including barrel char levels, temperature, airflow, light, barrel placement, and more. Eagle Rare 25 is the first release from Warehouse P, one of Buffalo Trace Distillery's two experimental warehouses. A purpose-built, state-of-the-art warehouse, Warehouse P was constructed to test if it was possible to extend favorably both the aging and maturation processes typical for American whiskey and bourbon.

While time in the barrel contributes to creating an ultra-aged bourbon, it is the marriage of age and maturity, or how factors including oak type, barrel char, temperature, humidity, and barrel placement alter the whiskey over time, that creates a truly outstanding taste experience.

Eagle Rare 25 was bottled upon reaching its silver anniversary in the barrel, symbolized by the custom sterling silver wing hand-hammered to encase each hand-blown crystal decanter perfectly. Opening the custom display box reveals an eagle's outstretched wings framing the 101-proof bourbon, which also contains an elegant glass eagle inside the bottle. This dramatic presentation is befitting the exceptional nature of this rare, first-of-its-kind bottling.

Approximately 200 750ml bottles of Eagle Rare 25 will be released to select retailers, bars, and restaurants globally beginning November 2023 at a suggested retail price of $10,000 per bottle. The expression joins the Eagle Rare lineup of Eagle Rare, Double Eagle Very Rare, and Eagle Rare 17-Year-Old, released each fall as part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection.


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