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Leading NBA teams have teamed up with New York city Caviar brand to create an ultra modern line of caviar's.

We all know that Caviar is an acquired taste for the super rich and gone are the days when this was limited to just "old money." Today you just need to look at Instagram to see groups dedicated to the rich kids off........ to know that there are many wealthy and super rich hip youngsters who all want to be on trend.

Enter New York City-based caviar brand Pearl Street who have recently teamed up with NBA LAB, the NBA's league’s research and development incubator, to release a line of NBA team-branded caviar tins. The Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, and Golden State Warriors — available in slim 12-gram “personal size” tins and classic 30-gram tins — in two different varieties: Siberian Select caviar or the pricier Keluga caviar.

Whilst we may think this is gimmick Pearl Street Caviar spokeswoman Lucy Pollack believes that caviar will be the “next great health food for elite athletes. A lot of the NBA players are looking to alternative food choices as a way to ramp up pregame and calm down post game,” Pollack says. “We believe caviar is one of the best foods for athletes. It has more omega-3s per ounce than the best salmon and is packed with electrolytes…. It’s like a way cooler Gatorade.”


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